High Quality, Fast Antibody Conjugates in Complete ELISA Kits

Jan 8, 2016

Every immunoassay exploits the ability of an antibody (referred to as a primary antibody) to bind selectively to a particular target antigen, which is usually presented in a complex fluid such as serum, blood or urine, or in a solid matrix such as a slice of tissue, a cell monolayer, a nitrocellulose blot or a plastic microplate. The antibody, in conjunction with a label that provides measurability, allows the quantity and/or distribution of the antigen to be determined. Amy Adams, Technical Support and Customer Service Supervisor at Innova Biosciences, with Professor Paul J. Davis, Founder/CSO and Julie Thompson, Research scientist ...

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The Use of Preclinical Models to Drive Immunotherapy Cancer Research and Combination Strategies

Jan 7, 2016

The ideal treatment for any disease is one that can cure it or prevent spreading with minimal impact on the patient’s quality of life. In the case of cancer, therapeutic agents were initially designed to kill rapidly dividing cells. Dr Jean Pierre Wery, President of Crown Bioscience, reflects on the use of preclinical models to drive immunotherapy cancer research and combination strategies highlighting syngenic mouse models for immunotherapy and radiotherapy, combination therapies and strategies. ...

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