Defining Pharmacometrics

May 10, 2012

Pierre-Olivier Tremblay, Associate Director of Pharmacometrics Clinical Pharmacology at Pharmanet l3, describes how pharmacometrics uses the application of mathematics to analyse vast amounts of data about disease progression, drug response, and clinical behaviour. ...

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Early PK-PD Modelling Significantly Facilitates Identification of the Best Drug Candidates

Mar 12, 2012

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics are disciplines that can straddle discovery and development when considered in their complex physiologic relationship to one another using a sophisticated PK/PD model. Richard Slauter, Senior Director of Drug Metabolism/Pharmacokinetics and Senior Principal Study Director at MPI Research, describes how traditionally pharmacokinetics is placed in the preclinical discovery phase, because it is a series of studies that helps to narrow the number of molecules being evaluated for a particular therapeutic approach. ...

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