The Role of the Medical Photographer within Clinical Research

Mar 29, 2012

Clinical research organisations are becoming more aware of the benefits of engaging with medical photographers, who are highly specialised in their profession, to ensure the accuracy, suitability and integrity of the visual data that supports or validates a clinical trial. Jo Truelove, Senior Medical Photographer at Illingworth Research, explains what was once seen as an optional extra is now being viewed as a service that has a substantial impact on proving or disproving a compound’s value in a study, potentially saving significant costs and, more importantly, lives ...

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De-risking Open Bioinformatics

Mar 21, 2012

Bioinformatics software usually takes the form of a data processing tool with optional backend storage. Biogical data is input by the user and results are generated by analysing and comparing the data against relevant datasets. ...

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Applying Multi-Parameter Optimisation in Drug Discovery: Explore Broadly but Focus Quickly on High Quality Compounds

Mar 12, 2012

Finding a successful drug is a delicate balancing act. It is necessary to simultaneously optimise many, often conflicting, requirements to identify a compound that will ultimately become a safe and efficacious drug. Methods for guiding this process, commonly referred to as multi-parameter optimisation (MPO) have been developed. Matthew Segall, Director and Ceo at Optibrium explores how these can be applied in practice to improve productivity and efficiency in drug discovery. ...

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