Robots Set for a Fruitful Future in Pharmaceutical Processes

Mar 29, 2012

The food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries have often mirrored each other in the way they use similar technologies in their respective production processes. Automation is one such area, particularly when it comes to robotics. Having been embraced in increasing numbers by food manufacturers, robots are increasingly finding their way into many pharmaceutical manufacturing processes as well. Nigel Platt, Sales & Marketing Manager for ABB’s UK robotics business, explains the benefits robots have already been proven to deliver in pharmaceutical applications, and examines the scope for future application of the technology. ...

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Drug Delivery: Thin Dissolving Films Begin to Come of Age

Mar 12, 2012

Thin Dissolving Films have been in use for industrial applications for over 25 years. The first real public awareness of edible thin films was the high-profile launch of Listerine Breath Fresheners, which spawned many copycat products. Consumers decided these were imitation rather than innovation, and growth of this new technology stalled. Chris Hatton, Business Development Director at BioFilm Ltd, explains how, with the success of Suboxone Film, a unique thin film application of a controlled drug ensuring increased patient compliance; TDF technology is once again being taken seriously for pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products. ...

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