Child-Resistant Packaging

Mar 29, 2012

Accidental poisoning is common amongst young children. As a natural part of their early development children explore their environment using their senses to ‘play’ with items that are new to them. They cannot differentiate between items that are safe and items that may be harmful to them. Tim Bollans, Marketing & Sales Executive at Burgopak Healthcare & Technology, examines how child-resistant packaging has been a part of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for the last forty-five years, but only recently has the need for real innovation been at the forefront of the industry ...

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Industry-suitable Technologies to Protect Pharma Products against Counterfeiting

Mar 12, 2012

These new measures, which improve the protection of public health, will be adopted by member states on January 2, 2013. As a result, implementing labelling, tracking and tracing systems for products will likely result in additional costs to the pharmaceutical industry. Fred Jordan, CEO of AlpVision, sheds light on several cost-effective product authentication processes and features, which can be easily deployed and implemented within manufacturing plants and laboratories worldwide. ...

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