Reducing Particulate from Metal Products in Medical Devices

Jan 8, 2016

As the medical device market evolves to become highly sophisticated and advanced, metal part manufacturers face constant pressures in being able to reduce particulate in the production and assembly of components. For medical device component manufacturers, developing new methods to reduce particulate is becoming increasingly important. Graham Perkins, Medical Sales Manager at Advanex, discusses the reduction of particulate from metal products in medical devices. ...

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A Quality-by-design Approach to Upstream Bioprocess Interrogation and Intensification

Jan 7, 2016

Efficient biopharmaceutical process development relies on the quality-by-design (QbD) paradigm. QbD is a scientific, risk-based proactive approach to drug development that aims to have a full understanding of how the process and product are related. This knowledge is gained by process analytical technology (PAT). Stephen Craven and Ulrike Becken at Eppendorf deal with upstream bioprocess interrogation and intensification. ...

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