Tamper-evidence – A Vital Matter of Safet

Jan 8, 2016

This article, written by Alessio Bressan at IGGB and starting from the concept of falsified medicine as postulated in the European directive, focuses on the options actually on the market concerning tamper-evident systems. It closes by demonstrating how a system integrated in the outer packaging and completely mechanical is able to improve the safety of the outer packaging and protect it against counterfeit attempts in an effective way. ...

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Physicians’ Preferences on Contact Methods and Survey Administration in Asia Pacific

Jan 7, 2016

Email is the most commonly-used method to contact physicians for feasibility studies. Feasibility studies often have a short turnaround time, requiring physicians to complete the survey expeditiously. The objective of this article is to find out the preferred method of contact by the physicians as well as their acceptance of the various methods of survey administration, hence facilitating the process for short response time. Audrey Ho at Quintiles guides us into the Asia Pacific, explaining physicians’ preferences on contact methods and survey administration. ...

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