Ginolis is a global provider of assembly automation, high precision dispensing and quality control solutions for the medical device and diagnostic industries.

Our vision is to improve the well-being of people by creating innovative automation solutions for precision liquid handling and micro assembly to ensure high product quality in the medical device industry. From standard products to customized systems, Ginolis offers a wide range of innovative solutions based on our standard robotic platforms.

Assembly Automation

The company specializes in compact, high precision modular solutions which facilitate the combination of flexibility and accuracy required within the diagnostics industry. Ginolis’ desktop automation solutions use automated visual inspection and Ginger, our proprietary automation software, to ensure the highest standard of quality control.

Dispensing and Printing

Ginolis designs, develops and builds high precision automated low volume dispensing and coating solutions utilizing Ginolis PMB dispensing pumps. The company also offers high-performing pipetting solutions with high precision over a wide volume range.

Ginolis is privileged to work in cooperation with many of the world’s leading diagnostic companies. Established in 2010, Ginolis is privately owned and headquartered in Oulu, Finland, with offices in Uppsala, Sweden; San Diego, US; and Suzhou, China. For more information visit or contact


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