OC s.r.l. started its activities in the early 60’s as an craftsmanship carpentry workshop making its skills and expertise available to the growing pharmaceutical industry district in Latina province, Italy, over the past 40 years.

OC srl – Stainless Steel Modular partition walls

Specific doors and partitioning walls designing and materials selection were developed in order to fulfill Clients’ high standards and requirements.
Today OC s.r.l. is a leading company for the design, construction and installation of modular partition walls, doors, false ceiling, furniture and accessories for clean room and controlled environments.

OC s.r.l. designers provide ad hoc and flexible solutions to Clients, always ensuring the products quality starting from the raw materials selection to manufacture, installation and post-sale assistance.

The exclusive patented hook-up system with the CH60 locking key allows very fast installation and removal of modular walls and doors. Simply acting on the blocking keys of the interested modules the size and extent of intervention will be held back too.
The patented false ceiling system offers the unique solution of locking the PVC or composite panels in a simple and effective way to the frames by means of clipped bars allowing quick disassembly for inspection or total removal.

OC srl – HPL Modular partition walls

OC s.r.l. many years’ manufacturing experience allows a scale production which does not compromise the artisan quality of each single piece assembled in its workshop. The same attention to details is paid during installation and maintenance operation as the highly skilled personnel employed always aims at an excellent product delivery.

OC s.r.l. has made quality its guiding principle in products and services development as well as on research of more performing materials. All OC s.r.l. products are made of recyclable materials. OC Srl is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

OC srl passion and capacity to elaborate customers’ needs has impressively contributed to the Research and Development activities with particular attention to washing systems. MAELSTROM HDS WASHING SYSTEM is now a well known and reliable solution to wash and dry machine parts and production equipment of various shapes and sizes. In standard execution the machine has a chamber of about 3 cubic meters of volume.

To guarantee an effective cleaning of all the surfaces, the machine performs a washing phase through the washing basket, for the localised washing of the pieces, and a washing phase through the side arms.


The washing basket and the side arms are made of ASME BPE SF1 pipes and fittings (MOC SS 316L Ra≤0.51 micron) and are normally equipped with static nozzles (16 for the basket and 16 for the side arms).
The basket is equipped with grids on which the parts to be washed must be positioned.
To allow the loading and unloading operations of the basket from the washing machine, we provide a trolley equipped with mechanical safety systems for the safe handling of the equipment.

The main features of our washing system are:
• Perfectly integrated design in partitions walls with flush mounting
• Modular design for integration of optional accessories (on customer request)
• Totally customizable washing baskets
• Customizable nozzles arrangement
• Reduced water consumption

Homemade software development in compliance with FDA 21 cfr part 11
Actually our Portfolio including Patheon Uk Limited, Patheon Spa France, Patheon Spa Italia, Aboca, Alfasigma S.p.A., Bristol Myers Squibb, Bsp Pharmaceuticals S.p.A, Corden Pharma S.p.a., Janssen Cilag Spa –Latina, Sanofi S.p.a, T.A.M.CO.SRL, Noval SHPK Tirana; Mitchells (Gloucester) Limited, and many others.

website: http://www.cleanroomoc.com/

OC srl will be in ACHEMA 2018 fom 11 June to 15 June, Stand A60 Hall 6.1.



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