One in three Singaporeans die from cardiovascular diseases

Jul 24, 2018

Physical inactivity, the lack of a healthy diet and a diabetes epidemic are to blame for the steep rise of cardiovascular diseases in Singapore Singaporeans’ urban lifestyle is a silent killer. Rapid industrialisation and urbanisation over the past 50 years have changed the habits of people living in urban areas, resulting in more sedentary lifestyles, a less healthy diet and a steep rise in cardiometabolic diseases such as diabetes. One in three Singaporeans die from the growing silent epidemic of cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks, heart failure and stroke. The warning was highlighted at the CardioVascular Clinical Trialists (CVCT) Asia ...

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Needle-free Injection – Eradicating Diseases to Improve Global Health

Jan 4, 2018

Needle-free injection technology has evolved significantly over the last 50 years and is now accepted in many routine immunisation settings as a safe and effective vaccine delivery method. Disposable syringe jet injectors are now being used for the delivery of vaccines to eradicate polio, MMR, and influenza, and are showing promising results in vaccine clinical trials for the Zika virus and HPV. In her paper, Dr Erin Spiegel of PharmaJet shows that these devices are fast, safe, and easy to use, with most providers trained in less than 20 minutes. ...

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