The cure for Pharma to stop gender diversity stalling is to appoint more women in P&L roles says The Pipeline report

Jul 19, 2018

Women Count 2018 found that in the last three years there has been no progress on gender diversity in senior roles in the FTSE 350 – and by some measures, it is going backwards. Women Count is the third annual report by The Pipeline, that tracks and analyses the number of women on Executive Committees of FTSE 350 companies. The report found that: The ratio of women on Executive Committees of FTSE 350 companies has stayed the same at only 16% since the first report three years ago. 95% of all P&L roles on Executive Committees are held by men ...

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Got Diversity? Of Course You Do. Now, What Are You Going to Do With It?

Jan 4, 2018

In her piece, Rosalie Harrison, an International Management Consultant with Borderless, addresses the benefits of inclusion & diversity. She tells us that inclusion is the method in which your organisation will leverage this diversity to achieve real business impact. Apparently, the concept of inclusion is often painfully misconstrued, although it remains the best way to harness diversity for business success. ...

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