Sotfbox Acquires TP3 Global To Expand Worldwide Presence And Strenghten Product Portofolio

Jan 24, 2018

Softbox, a leading global innovator and provider of cold chain packaging systems for the pharmaceutical industry, today announces the acquisition of TP3 Global, manufacturers of the globally recognised ‘SilverSkin’ brand. TP3 Global is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thermal protection covers for the pharmaceutical industry, with operations in the Americas, EMEA, South Asia and Asia Pacific. The combined portfolio of industry-leading passive temperature control packaging systems and thermal protection products will reinforce both companies’ ability to support their customers’ requirements for cold chain packaging solutions, and further expand ability to provide critical technical support on a global basis. Wayne Langlois, President of Softbox, ...

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BIA intervenes in Supreme Court case of critical importance to the bioscience sector

Jan 16, 2018

The UK Bioindustry Association (BIA) has been granted permission by the Supreme Court to intervene in its review of Warner-Lambert Company LLC v Generics (UK) Ltd and Actavis. The review will examine the issue of “plausibility” in patent law and could potentially impact the amount of data and evidence required before an invention can be patented. The BIA has intervened in the case to highlight the importance of the issue to the UK’s bioscience sector. It has become increasingly common in patent cases to attack the validity of a patent on the grounds that the invention was not plausible, based ...

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Why Anti-microbial Protection Remains Crucial in Fight Against Infection

Jan 4, 2018

Strands of potential superbugs are developing all the time, and everything must be done to ensure they don’t become a topic of hot – and daunting – conversation once more. Here, Stephie Ward of Denny Bros explains the current situation, as the ability to add antimicrobial protection to a range of labels and patient information leaflets (PILs) has given a much broader scope of protection than existing antibacterial properties, with the overlay resistance coupled with important safety advice, dosage details and legal information. ...

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Gerresheimer to present an integrated and passive safety system for avoiding needlestick injuries at Pharmapack in Paris

Dec 12, 2017

With their exposed cannulas, used syringes are a source of risk at physicians’ surgeries, laboratories, and hospitals the world over. Although existing needle protection systems reduce the risk of injury for the end user, they are more complex for pharma companies to fill and must be handled by medical specialists. With the Gx InnoSafe, Gerresheimer is now offering a syringe with an integrated passive safety system that avoids inadvertent needlestick injuries, prevents repeated use, and is designed with pharmaceutical companies’ production processes in mind as well as being optimized for simple and intuitive use by medical specialists. “For health care ...

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TP3 Global Launches Next Generation of Thermal Protection for Temperature-Sensitive Cargo

Nov 9, 2017

TP3 Global, the leading supplier of thermal protective covers for the cool chain, has launched SilverQuilt™, a higher performing, multimodal, next-generation thermal protection.   The SilverQuilt™ achieves superior temperature protection for valuable, sensitive cargo, such as controlled room temperature (15oC to 25°C) pharmaceuticals, due to its specialist composition of multi-layered materials, and is able to protect freight within predefined temperature limits for extended periods during breaks within controlled supply chain lanes. SilverQuilt’s enhanced performance can provide protection for both +15oC to +25°C and +2oC to +8oC pharmaceutical products.   SilverQuilt’s unique construction insulates all areas of the pallet effectively, particularly ...

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