TLX Cargo is part of TLX Insulation Ltd, the world leading manufacturer of thin reflective insulation. As industry leaders, we’ve been setting standards of excellence in high performance, building insulation for nearly 25 years. Our technology has been applied to all kinds of projects ranging from the London 2012 Olympics to many historic and public buildings. TLX Cargo cover systems are designed to minimise heat build-up and heat loss in in the most hostile environments. We have an in-depth knowledge of Cold Chain logistics, Temperature Controlled Logistics and Temperature Controlled Packaging for supply chain.

Using Phase Change Materials (PCM), Nano technology and convection inhibitors, our materials are waterproof, breathable with high reflectance and exceptional thermal performance for your supply chain needs. The systems deliver 360° thermal protection without the risk of condensation and without the need for accessories such as tape and scissors. The inventions and products we sell are unique to TLX.

TLX Insulation manufacture some of the most advanced reflective insulation materials in the world at our 40,000 sqft production facility in Bolton, England; many of our materials and products are unique to TLX. We supply a global customer base and can provide Temperature Controlled Packaging in a wide variety of sizes to fit all requirements.

We have been manufacturing insulation materials and barrier clothing technology for 25 years. We’re true experts in breathable reflective insulation and PCM technology and understand how to utilise science to promote performance within Temperature Controlled Logistics and Cold Chain.

Certified to ISO 9001, our products are subject to extensive testing both in-house and in extreme overseas environments; our manufacturing centre has 25 years’ experience of producing highly specialised products across numerous industry sectors.

TLX Cargo is part of TLX Insulation Ltd, the world leading manufacturer of thin reflective insulation.

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